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Cut Costs AND Keep YOUR Home Cool

The cost of keeping cool is on the rise. Energy prices, at historic levels last year, continue to climb as global demand for energy increases and the country recovers from hurricane-related disruptions to domestic oil and natural gas production.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers are responding to the challenges of increased energy costs by offering homeowners air-conditioning units that deliver new energy efficiency standards and reduce your energy usage. For example, York®, a Johnson Controls Company, encourages consumers in search of an energy-efficient HVAC system to consider the York Affinity™ series of air conditioners.

The innovative scroll compressor technology in the Affinity series offers energy-saving efficiency in units with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 13.

The 15 SEER model has an even higher-performing scroll compressor featuring a two-stage design. This means when the air conditioner senses the need for maximum cooling, the compressor automatically shifts into two-stage operation. And as the demand for cooling decreases, the compressor automatically reduces to a single-stage operation, requiring substantially less energy. In fact, this unit is as much as 60 percent more efficient than a traditional air-conditioning unit.


The two-stage design also contributes to unusually quiet operation. The unit can reach as low as 71 decibels (dB). This is much quieter than a typical hair dryer, which operates in the range of 76dB. For every three decibels quieter, perceived sound is cut by 50 percent.

Humidity control also increases with the two-stage design, air circulation improves and hot and cold spots disappear.

The York Affinity unit comes in a choice of seven colors or up to 77 different college logo panels to complement your home, landscaping and lifestyle.

There are additional ways you can keep your utility bills down:

• Make sure your indoor furnace or air handler filter is clean and free from debris, which could obstruct airflow and place a strain on your system, causing it to work harder and use more energy.

• Seal any air leaks, such as those near doors and windows and places where plumbing, ducting or electrical wiring goes through exterior walls.

• Make sure your home is properly insulated, including the hot water heater and hot water pipes, the attic, ceilings, exterior and basement walls, floors and crawl space. You may want to contact local HVAC residential heating and air conditioner repair service like the one here to do a full house assessment and make any necessary repairs.

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Home Improvement Project: Bathroom Renovation

Modern Bathroom Interior

The most popular room at home could be the bathroom. Generally, lots of people spend nearly one hour within the bathroom every day. And in case you might have plenty of people at home you know that there always is apparently someone in the bathroom. The interesting thing is to get a room that gets more use than merely about another room at home it is commonly the littlest room in your house. Prior to deciding to remodel a bathroom, there will be something you’ll want to consider before you start.

Home enhancement that can surely skyrocket value of your house commences with the correct choices and decisions. You need to take into account certain areas in your own home that are frequently employed and mainly salient in terms of function such as the bathroom. Therefore innumerable choices for bathroom upgrades are for sale for house owners who’re in constant intending on how to add value to their property. One of the most important things to think about in renovating a bathroom is whether to install a shower or bathtub.

You can also add new models of bathroom fixtures or repair the present ones to experience a change. You can repair and refinish the acrylic or fiberglass shower or tub. You can use a combination tub and shower. Many options are available for choosing both of them. However, decide how big tub and shower you have to place based on how big is the bedroom. You can buy an extra-deep small tub for those who have a less space in the area. You can refinish sink and tub to create them look new. This is a much cheaper choice for renovation.

For planning and selection decisions, allow sufficient lead in time by exploring renovation and interior planning publications. The renovation ideas simply usually focus on putting new tiles, and fixtures. Think about after that help it become better for you, and factor this to your renovation ideas. Sometimes your ideas should also be cost sensitive. There are many bathroom renovations stores for your requirements to get faucets, vanities, windows, countertops, vents, toilet, fixtures, and lighting. Planning these basics will give you a fantastic place to start. Remember that great planning is the vital thing to your great ideas for bathroom renovation.

If you are simply looking to jazz up your existing bathroom and do not possess the time or money to renovate the entire room, then you might like to think about a corner bath tub. By just changing that one bathroom feature at the fraction from the price of a complete renovation, you can alter the complete appearance and feel of your respective bathroom.